Topography Dictates Deer Behavior

Topography Dictates Bedding Selection for Deer

Prevailing winds, thermal currents and the view afforded by changes in elevation dictate where the local deer herd spends its time.  This product is an overview that spells out how the topography in your area influences deer behavior and how you can approach this information to better your hunting.  Fill out your property lines on the Map Builder, enter your information and the team will email you back a video detailing how your parcel is affected by elevation, and how you can use the information going forward.

Topography Dictates where Deer Cruise During the Rut

When Elevation sets up doe groups the bucks use swirling leeward ridges combined with thermals to scent check both sides of the ridge.  Elevation dictates rut travel.

Topography Creates Thermals Deer use to Smell Danger and Breeding Opportunities

Thermals sink in the evening and deer know how to scent check feed areas before they enter.  Topography lets deer smell danger before they see it.