Month: January 2022

Stand Location Review

Take a screen shot of your property.  OnX, Google Earth or whatever other mapping platform you use. Include access trails, food plots/row crops, stand locations and property lines. Email us the screen shot. Our team will give you a 1 to 10 rough rating of how efficient your parcel plan hunts.  Curious?  Send us your map!      

2022 – Time for a Plan?

Attract, Hold, Hunt Email Address Remodel your Property for Better Hunting Trying to kill mature deer when you don't know where they bed feed and socialize will burn out a parcel.  Understanding/Dictating where the deer bed, feed and socialize lets us hunt undetected. Bedding If you're not bedding deer, the bucks have zero reason to visit during the rut.  Housing the ladies is the highest percentage way to see more…