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Get Started Building Your Map

    Submit your map with property lines, food sources, stand locations and access routes and our team will compute the efficiency of your stand locations. Higher scores mean more success!

    Works best on your desktop or laptop computer.

  • Please mark all access points to the property.
  • Please draw in the vehicle roads/trails on the property.
  • Please draw in any current food plots/orchards.
  • Please pin every neighboring landowner and their hunting habits.
Video on how to send your property map from your phone.

  • Location of Map Drawing tools *
  • ......Move Tool: Click and hold to drag map.
  • . ....Marker Tool: Click and drop a marker. (Stands, etc)
  • . .... Polygon Tool: Click and create a polygon. (Approximate Property Boundary, Map Area, Food Plots, etc)
  • . ....Polyline Tool: Click on areas to create a line on the map. (Roads, Trails, etc)
  • . ....Rectangle Tool: Click once and move mouse to expand or shrink the rectangle around location. (Map Extent)
  • . .... Circle Tool: Click once and move mouse to grow or shrink circle.
    • Name your shape or click Ok or Cancel.

      If you are having issues/troubles building a map please call Brooks at 763 213 6811 or email.

      Scroll down to create map and enter required information.

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After drawing your map above please continue with filling out this form to submit all your hunting property info to us.

** Images on the finished map will vary from inputs.

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