Month: December 2017

Priorities in Habitat Planning

Time and money can be limiting factors when manipulating the deer woods.  Most of the time its a multiyear process and we need to tackle things in the right order.  The details often won't shake out until year 2 or 3 so don't try do them first.  Bartylla's habitat team can help you organize the schedule.

Seasonal use of tall grasses

Tall grasses such as reed canary are found across much of the whitetails range, and understanding how and when deer use them helps you plan with and around them.  Bedding and the edge grasses create dictate movement.  One tactic is to drag downed trees into these areas to help the grasses from falling over and creating travel patterns.  Take a look this winter at how your deer move through and…

Daylight movement is all that matters

If you don't have your target animals on their feet during daylight, you don't have a chance.  Multiple factors influence when a deer moves including how far away they bed, temperature, and social pressures, both human and deer related.  Make your plan to minimize human presence, and use the herds social dynamics to get deer close to your stand sites during daylight.   We are here to help if you…