What makes US different?

Frankly, it’s our staff. There are other highly qualified individuals that provide habitat and hunting consulting services. However, most often work individually or in pairs. We applaud their efforts and believe the best of those groups provide an invaluable service to their clients. However, there is more than a grain of truth to the old saying that there is great strength in numbers. When one reviews our team, you will find it contains several of the top whitetail research biologists, renowned how-too whitetail hunting “experts”, several top end habitat and hunting consultants and a tremendous wealth of experience in applying these principles in a hands-on manner on a wide variety of habitat types. These guys don’t just show others how to do it. They have many, many years of experience doing it themselves. To put it bluntly, it’s a dream team of the best of the best. A major problem is that we’ve been trained by magazines and TV to believe that food plots are the ONLY answer to improving our hunting and growing and holding bigger bucks. If you believe that, don’t feel bad. It’s been a carefully orchestrated and very effective advertising campaign that has trained many of today’s hunters and landowners to believe that. Most importantly, it’s helped keep hidden from us that there is so much more to improve the hunting on one’s property. Are food plots important? Of course, they are, but they are only one part of a five-part equation. We WILL give you that equation and show you how to use it to come to the right answer for making the hunting on your property the best it can possibly be.

Our commitment to you, as a deer hunter and our customer, is that we will ask you all the necessary questions about your property. We will listen to you, and discuss the goals that you have for the property. We will only work with you if we think those goals can be achieved.

36% of Steve’s customers report killing their biggest bucks within 3 years of implementing our plans.