Month: January 2018

Jay Gregorys Property Plans

Fall food plots for deer [caption id="attachment_11" align="alignleft" width="300"] food plots for deer[/caption] Fall food plots for deer consist of either annuals like corn and beans planted in the spring, or annuals, perennials and bi-ennials planted late summer.  Today we will focus on a strategy for attracting bucks in the early bow season and until the first few hard frosts in areas where the deer feed heavily on clover, alfalfa…

Bartylla and Saddles

Saddles are dips in the terrain that allow deer to avoid the energy it takes to go up and down every hill.  Saddles make life easier for our deer and even smaller ones are found on better topo maps.  Identify the saddles your deer use and if access allows make them part of your property plan.