Timber Harvests Boost Deer Numbers

Minnesota Timber Value

If you are thinking about a timber harvest for your deer land, you need to know if its ready for harvest.  The Foresters we work with can evaluate your timber free of charge.

You want more deer?  An aggressive timber harvest is the number 1 tool for many landowners.  If your woods have not been logged for 30+ years, it may be time to look at getting a cut.  Nothing brings the deer like a timber cut.  Setting the clock back on your timbers age means food and bedding for years to come.  You provide food and bedding for the deer and hunt with a plan, and your success will jump 5 to 10 fold.

Your timber is a renewable resource. A cut may benefit the resource and improve your deer hunting.

More deer and annual payments up to $20 per acre?  We can help.

Make sure when you prepare for the cut, you find a balance for hunting and income.  Make sure your logging roads are installed for stand access.  Make sure you spend some extra time cutting in areas you want the deer to bed.  Consider leaving some areas uncut for access.  We need that deer desert to approach our stands.

Contact us with any questions.  Improveyourhunt@gmail.com