The Martie Plots

The only equipment required for a great Minnesota food plot is a sprayer and a spreader.  Marties Farm Stores stock everything you need to get your plots planted.  Number 1 priority is to control the weeds.

Plotting Calendar Below

JUNE – Select your location, collect a soil sample and spray Glyphosphate with surfactant at 2 quarts per acre.  If you turn or till the dirt you will bring new weed seeds to the surface that will need to grow and be sprayed again.

JULY – Spot spray any remaining green weeds.  Do not disturb the soil.

Planting OPTION 1 – Mid July broadcast 200#’s of 46-0-0 urea and 400#’s of 9-23-30 and ‘Marties Brassica Blend’ per acre mid to late July before a good rain.  You can LIGHTLY drag the dirt but do not bring new weed seeds to the top.

Brassica Pot

Planting OPTION 2 – Mid to late August before a good rain broadcast 400#’s of 9-23-30 and 6 bags of ‘Marties All Fall Blend’ per acre. You can LIGHTLY drag the dirt but do not bring new weed seeds to the top.

Minnesota brassica seed blend
Monticello Monster killed in a Martie Plot

You can SHOP HERE (click blue link) and pick up the items in store or after hours at our Elk River or Monticello locations for an online savings.  Marties ‘All Fall’ Blend not available until the beginning of August when cereal rye is harvested, but everything else is in stock and ready for pickup now.

If you have any question please ask for Brooks.