Stand Risk Calculator

Does your Stand Location affect Deer Activity?

When the local deer herd know we are hunting, daylight activity goes downhill.  If they hear, see or smell us they grow suspect and move more under the cover of darkness.  Don’t let them figure you out.

All of our deer plans focus on how the local deer move through your neighborhood according to 6 key factors.

Curious of your potential impact on your deers daily movements?

Simply draw in your property lines, stands, access and exit trails, food plots and known neighborhood deer bedding and we will get back with you via text or email on any issues we identify.

Neighboring agriculture, topography preferred bedding, lines of cover, timber harvest, access, and your food are the 6 factors that can work together to hunt like a ghost.

Its free – what will our crew have to say about your parcel?  Find out today!