Mixed Ag/Harwoods Property, Light Topography

Your Property falls into a mixed ag/hardwoods class.  Typically the deer numbers and age class are solid as they enjoy wonderful year round groceries.

Bucks using topography to see/hear and smell danger.

Lighter topography often means timber harvests have a heavy hand in preferred deer bedding.  Utilizing the 20 timber harvest application can sort out what influence the timber age will have on the area deer herd and how they use your property.

The row crop rotations become the primary factor for bed to feed strategies.  When we know where our deer feed at night, access dictates where we improve bedding to hunt the flow that occurs September, October and December.  The ag food sources will house everyone of our deer at night for a great portion of every season.

By building off the improved bedding we can create predictable lines of travel daylight bucks will use during the rut.

We hope the topo video sheds a little light on how your deer use parts of your property and just as important the neighborhood in general, and if you would like a more comprehensive plan, please reach out to Shawn to find the one that may work best for you.