Keep those girls Happy and the Bucks will come…

…scare off those doe groups and the bucks have little reason to sniff around.

Surprising deer while they rest is a common mistake.

If you know where they bed you can avoid this pitfall.  We can help.


It starts with a free property evaluation.

You submit a map, and we identify topographic and edge related features that influence bedding.  Avoiding these areas in September and October keeps the doe groups on your land.  Hunt near the food or between bed and feed, but avoid disturbance in their bedding areas.  A free video is emailed back to you in just days.

Step 2 is often a $99 Skeleton Plan.  We dive a little deeper and discuss access/exit issues, agriculture influence, obvious bedding areas, food plots, lines of movement and more.  This plan is all many need.

Step 3 is for those who desire a comprehensive plan that specifies exact plot locations, preferred bedding strategies, bed/feed and feed/bed plans and organized lines of movement to hunt during the rut.

But back to step 1 – because its FREE.  Click on the ‘Build a Map‘ link and draw in your property lines and any other information relevant to your parcel.  Our guys will look at your parcel and get you an overview of the land.  How much you use us is up to you!