Jumping on Daylight Bucks

When mature bucks are on their feet, its time to hunt.  You want to chase them hard until they stop.

Paramount is the ability to access your cameras and stand sites so YOU are not the reason he goes nocturnal.  This aggressive style of hunting may work by accident, but big picture planning makes it more realistic.

winter rye height
Steve’s plan of habitat manipulation created the pinch this mature buck was using 2 out of 3 nights per week. Both the camera placement and trees I hunted offered bullet proof access for 2 different winds.  I hunted the first 3 days of season and arrowed the biggest buck on the property. My biggest buck ever.


25 years of experience make Steve Bartylla a great choice for analyzing your property.  Steve will increase the holding power of your parcel, while adding the habitat structure, social areas and access features that put you and the deer in the same spot.  Your place will hunt 5 times better or he will give your money back.

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