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steve bartylla consulting

Steve Bartylla consulting


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Step 1 – You answer some questions

Step 2 – The team designs a custom plan and provides 90 minutes of phone support

Step 3 – We build your web page with all the instructions you need to move forward that stays live for one year

Step 4 – You smile at your success or get a full refund

An aerial photo evaluation is the least expensive, and quickest path to a maximizing your properties potential.  As deer hunters, we have been taught to seek out fresh sign and hunt it.  But hunting the best parts of your land can quickly burn it out, turning the does nocturnal and forcing wary bucks to take up residence somewhere else.

Every property has hidden potential for raising and killing deer, and there are those who do it for a living.  Steve Bartylla has been manipulating deer property for over 25 years.  He has done a lot of things right, and a lot of things wrong, and those experiences have some value to anybody wishing to build and be able to successfully hunt bigger deer.  A visit from Steve on a 40 acre piece will cost you $3,000 plus all expenses, but we will get you 90% of the way home with a comprehensive aerial photo plan at $599.

(This app is not mobile friendly, and you will be marking a map for the team to reference.)

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If your hunting does not improve measurably the first year – we will refund 100% of your money.

Click here to begin your no risk property evaluation.  If your hunting does not improve measurably the first year – we will refund 100% of your money.

Steve’s trained team has never been asked to issue a refund for any of their property plans.  25 years of developing and implementing plans have seen a 100% success rate.  36% of his clients report killing their biggest bucks within 3 years of implementing their plans.  Those are some impressive statistics.

food plots for deer

deer property layout


Product Perks Included

Your subscription includes unheard of discounts for product from some of the best manufacturers in the industry.   Reconyx, Redneck Blinds, Antler King and more.  If you plan on spending $1000 in any of these categories next year the plan is almost free of charge.  Complete the plan and payment and we will contact you by phone for the product discount details.  They are substantial.

Will the services offered here help you achieve your goals?  If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it will help to a degree.  If you answer yes to all of them it is money well spent.

After the first 2 weeks of season, do your deer sightings drop significantly?

Do you wish you could see more 2,5 year old and bigger bucks because all you see are yearlings?  (and trail camera pics at night don’t count)

Do you need help determining what to plant to provide year round food for your doe groups?

Does your group struggle to see deer after the 2nd day of rifle season?

No 2 pieces of property are the same, and every property has multiple opportunities to increase the quality of it’s habitat, deer herd, and most importantly, it’s hunt ability.   Size, pressure, latitude, composite, terrain features and on and on make a template style approach unusable.  Steve has designed and manipulated properties all over the Midwest and he knows what makes each area different and alters the plan accordingly.  The swamp island bedding habits of northern MN have no similarity to the ridge related bedding of Illinois.  Steve knows what will work in both places, and an aerial photo evaluation can unlock the hidden potential of properties as small as 20 acres.

Photo Based Evaluations and Plans

1)    The client will fill out our questionnaire to provide us with a better picture of their goals, abilities and limitations.

2)    The client fills out the questionnaire along with completing the aerial markup.

3)    After review of the questionnaire, photos and topo map, we conduct a phone interview to follow up with any questions and concerns any of us have.

4)    A photo based plan addressing both habitat improvements and hunting strategies is formed and the clients individual URL (web page) is created.  On your personal web page, your habitat and hunting plan will be posted for your review and will include both video links and written instructions so you can execute the plan.

5)    A follow up interview is conducted with Steve’s team to address any questions and comments the client may have.