It’s not complicated, but you need to know a few key things to elevate your game.

1 – Know where they bed

When we don’t where they bed, we run the risk of surprising them with our sights, sounds or smells.  Do this more than 2 or 3 times and they become nocturnal or leave the property all together.  Keys signals are night time only pictures, and seeing fewer deer each sit as the season rolls forward.


2 – Know Where they Feed

Best Missouri food plots for deer

Same scenario as above.  If we know where they feed we can avoid our sight sounds and smells disturbing the deer as they feed.  Walking through a plot in the dark is the kiss of death for future hunts.  Know here they feed and stay out of those places in the dark.


3 – Select your stand sites around access and bed/feed knowledge

food plot seed selector 4

Where you set up is dictated by the parts of the parcel  you can move through without bumping deer.  If we are bumping deer in the dark off food or daylight bedding areas, we are souring the parcel and need to rethink our approach.

We can move beyond these ideals and alter the landscape to change how the deer use the property.  Food plots and bedding improvements are the 2 biggies that influence how deer use the property.  Put them in the right spot and its a real game changer.

Let us know if you need some help!