Food, Cover, Water = NO Deer?

If you have food cover and water, your property has everything needed to hold deer year round.

…until you step onto the piece and the deer know you are hunting.  Mature deer won’t tolerate human intrusion.  When you hear them blow or see them flag, you have tipped your hand.  Stop tipping your hand.

habitat consultants
Putting daylight deer and hunters on the ‘X’ takes years of trial and error.


Bartylla has been engineering hunting parcel plans for over 25 years.  Steve can help make you a ghost in the woods by dictating where the deer bed, feed and travel throughout the day.  He can put you on the X with a plan that hides you from a deer eyes, nose and ears.  When they don’t know you’re there the odds of success climb.

If its not the best $500 you have ever spent on anything hunting related, you will get your money back.  No one has ever asked Steve for their money back.

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