3 Reasons your Cameras see Deer that you don’t…

You don’t know where they bed.

If you want to see deer during legal light, they can’t know you are hunting them.  If you don’t know where they bed, odds are higher they know you are there.

You don’t know where they feed.

food plot seed selector 3When you bump feeding deer in the dark of night, they might stop moving during daylight.  If you don’t let mature deer feel safe where you hunt, they switch to more nocturnal activity.

You don’t have a plan geared around where they sleep and feed.

And you are not alone.  Hunting the ‘best spot’ on the property can quickly stop daylight activity or drive deer off your property.  Our team can help.  We can identify preferred bedding and factor in access and exit routes that let you hunt undetected and see the same animals your cameras do.

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