3 Question Quiz…

Do you Know Where they Bed?

If we know where they bed, we can plan bed to feed and rut travel strategies..  Online tools can identify bedding.  Topography, timber age and edge are all factors.  All habitat planning revolves around where they deer will bed.

Do you Know Where they Feed?

When we know where they feed we can organize access and stand placement to avoid these areas in the dark.  Area agriculture, timber harvest history and mast producing areas are factored into every deer plan.  A successful bed/feed strategy means knowing where they feed at night.

Do my Plans and the Property Align?

Your parcel is only a small part of the deers day.  The best plans improve how a property fits into a deers day.  Appropriate habitat improvements work together.  We can help you understand how your parcel fits the neighborhood.  We can help you move forward with changes that makes sense.


Plans start at $99

How does a Skeleton Plan Work?

What do I get for $99?

“I purchased my skeleton plan a little skeptical on what could be done from an aerial photo. I was over the top surprised at what came from it! Ive hunted our family land for 28 years and had no idea where deer were bedding. There team came up with a video explaining exactly where. I walked to those areas and sure enough came across 13 different  beds in the exact same areas they had marked out! They also explained hunt strategy with wind direction and our food plots, entry and exit strategy and a strategy to get in there more quietly and with less scent! I learned more in a 12 minute video about our land than I have in 28 years of hunting it! Best $100 I’ve ever spent on that land! I would highly recommend it!”

D. Winter, Pierz MN

Bartyllas planning team has completed hundreds of $99 deer plans that shake out 6 of the most most important factors for successfully approaching your hunting land.  If your not considering contiguous cover, preferred neighborhood topographic deer bedding, day and dark safe stand access, neighboring influence on daylight activity, accepted areas of human influence, and night time destination feeding areas, our $99 Skeleton Plan is a great starting point.  You can still plant the plots, hinge for bedding and use all of the others tools you have studied online, and our plans help ensure you put them in the correct spots.

Your custom 12 minute video and online mapped plan will utilize a combination of aerial photos, lidar, and topographic tools to map out and define how the deer prefer to use the neighborhood, and how your parcel fits into that big picture.  Considering the entire neighborhood is an important step many hunters fail to consider, and its importance can’t be dismissed.  Only when you consider preferred deer use of the area surrounding your parcel and evaluate how the surrounding landowners affect that movement can you piece together a seasonal approach for success on the property you hunt.


Many of our satisfied customers claim its the best $99 they ever spent to improve their hunting, and it all comes with our 100% unconditional money back guarantee.  If you don’t think our seasoned planners have offered any real value, we will refund your money.  



Sample Plan above
4 thoughts on “3 Question Quiz…
  • John Wilks

    I gained a lot of information from my Skeleton plan. I abandoned 2 stand locations that were ruining bedding on my property. See more deer on average than any year I have owned the property!

  • Robert Flemming

    Your skeleton plan suggested bedding on a ridge I used for access. I d not walk through there any more and routinely see deer on my food plots all season. Thanks guys!

  • Rodney Ableton

    The 20 year timber harvest map helped me understand why the deer were using the west side of my property more than the rest.

  • Dave Smohls

    I found out the nice opening that I turned into a food plot had my scent blowing into the deers bedding area on any north wind. Now I hunt it only on south and west winds and see a lot more deer!