2022 – Time for a Plan?

Attract, Hold, Hunt

Remodel your Property for Better Hunting

Trying to kill mature deer when you don’t know where they bed feed and socialize will burn out a parcel.  Understanding/Dictating where the deer bed, feed and socialize lets us hunt undetected.


If you’re not bedding deer, the bucks have zero reason to visit during the rut.  Housing the ladies is the highest percentage way to see more mature bucks.

Only improve bedding in areas that work with your access points.


Deer live by their stomachs.  They feed 5 times per day.  Where to plant is a formula of bedding and access.  Planting food in the wrong spot can ruin a property.


Successful properties create access around dead zones.  We need a safe place for the wind to blow or the deer get smart quickly.  Every property has limits on where humans can travel.  Know your limits.

Create a Plan for your Property

Random improvements seldom move the needle for quality hunting.  You have to work with what your property offers, and accept its limitations.  Make improvements that work with your access points.  The goal is to move through your property while spooking zero deer.  The closer we get, the better the hunt.

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