Stand Access Strategies

You’ve got a problem. The deer know you’re hunting them.  So why is it a problem, and what do you do to change that?  

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The problem lies in the fact that when the deer know you’re hunting them they don’t move during daylight and they quickly learn where your stand locations are in avoid them. The solution is to change your access plan.


If you can figure out where the deer bed where they feed, and how they transition from bed to feed you can plan a successful stand entrance/exit strategy so the deer don’t know you’re hunting them.
Walking through or up wind of deer feeding areas in the dark is a common mistake on private hunting parcels. By taking into consideration where the deer feed, where they water, and how they travel between those areas, we can plan how we access our stand to intercept them to alert the lowest number of deer to our presence. Building a successful stand access strategy will keep your stands fresh, and keep you in the deer for a longer period of the season.