Question of the day on ‘making buck beds’

Member Jeff Olgren’s question on doe numbers and bedding is our member question of the week-

Jeff asks-

“How do I run a balance between growing a doe herd to keep my bucks busy and having so many does my bucks have no place to bed?”

Steve answers-
 “Does are far more forgiving in bedding area selections than bucks. Where as mature bucks place a premium on selecting bedding locations that offer safety, assuming the property isn’t being pressure hard, family groups are more interested in sacrificing supreme safety for being located closer to the food sources. So, one can take advantage of this by creating numerous larger bedding areas closer to the food sources and small bedding sites a bit further away, in areas bucks naturally want to bed, such as knobs and points on high, dry humps in wetlands or pockets of thick cover.”

“I pulled up one of the topo pictures you sent me, and can make these 3 suggestions”