Planning food plots for deer

Food plots for deer require a plan

food plots
Food plots require a comprehensive plan to work

So you finally have your hands on a piece of whitetail ground you can call your own. It might be 10 acres, or it may 10,000, but you want it to be the best piece possible. Throw in a couple of food plots, and the deer will come like flies. It’s just a matter of picking the biggest frederick’s singles dances one and sending an arrow through his vitals. Dream on. Food plots are an important piece of the puzzle, but nothing close to the total solution. Put them in the wrong spot, make them the wrong shape or size, or forget to plan out proper entrance and exit routes and your plots will not be the deer magnets you hoped for. A failure to understand and create sanctuaries can result in driving the deer from a property. Inadequately addressing natural browse, timber management or protective cover causes most properties to fall woefully short of ever reaching anything close to their potential. The price of not adequately meet the whitetails year round nutritional needs can be steep. free social networking dating bisexuals Everyone realizes that managing for health, age and sex ratios are each important, but how does one even start? Tragically, far too often land managers experience the expense and back breaking labor, but nothing near the results they’d hoped for. So where do you start? How do you create a solid functioning plan specifically for your property?

Forums on food plots for deer

The forums are loaded with all kinds of opinions and rhetoric. You often get what you pay for, and sometimes the free advice does not match your needs. If you need medical help you go to the doctor. Dental work means a trip to the dentist, and planning a property layout for deer hunting is best done by professionals (link to bios page)who have been there and done that over and over again. There are people who make a living creating such plans, and because they have learned what works and what does not, you don’t have to repeat their mistakes.

Expert advice on food plots for deer is expensive

Start digging into it and good advice is expensive. A complete property plan can cost upwards of $5,000, and most of us are not willing to lay out that kind of cash for a property walk through and written plan. Technology now allows us to frre nude webcams do a lot of the legwork online. Google maps, topos, and inexpensive Go Pro video options means we can glean in 4 hours of computer time what used to take 4 days in the car and on foot. And it is much less expensive. It’s not free either, because these guys need to feed their families as well.

How much?

We offer an email service that provides monthly updates and activities you can use in the real world. They are geared heavily towards ‘how to’ and ‘why’. They can be all some guys need, but most land managers will want more. That more, is

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Proper planning equals success

our basic members package. For $2.95 per month you will receive calendar sensitive updates with detailed videos covering what you can be doing in the woods right now. TSI, hinging, spraying, liming and fertilizing all have specific months when they are most effective, and these calendar based subscription emails will keep you on pace. Planting soybeans next year? An email will let you know when they should go in the ground, another will show you how to properly establish the plot with a broadcast spreader, and when it is time to spray roundup and fertilize, we will let you know. Reminders each and every week or month keep you on pace. Through all of this, we will be providing invaluable insight on what to do and when to do it. As importantly, our certified professionals will provide real world step by step guides to accomplish each task, something that is woefully lacking from other providers.

The first step is to get signed on bulk email list. (link to email sign up with couple samples, maybe they get to watch one philippines language dating video or part of video ) When you want more detail, you can enroll in the basic members package (link to page cart with details on basic membership), and when you are ready to take the plunge and get your own custom plan laid out, upgrade to our booner plan (link to page with details of plan, real world case studies etc) for personal attention and a custom plan designed specifically for your property. Your piece of land can only be as good as the plan behind it. A solid plan can mean some great hunting, and a weak plan is just that. Let us help get you started, and keep you on track when diving into the world of whitetail property management.