Mock scrapes in food plots

Mock scrapes in food plots

That does bring up another point. I personally don’t believe that mock scrapes in food plots or rubs bring bucks out of their way to visit an area they wouldn’t have otherwise went to. Sure, they go out of their way to visit the doe bedding area and work the scrapes there, but I believe it’s the doe bedding area they’re visiting, not the scrape. The scrape is important and serves as a location peekshow free web cam to rely info to other deer, but it’s the location that makes the free christian dating and chatting ooline scrape, not the scrape that makes bbw dating service south dakota the location.

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mock scrapes in food plots

I really think that hunters have been fed a line from some of the more unscrupulous scent companies, and even some “experts” and consultants about the powers of mock scrapes (and generating obscene numbers of scrapes on a property). I believe that free porn sites and web cams both scrapes and mock scrapes pornhub web cam 18 can be useful tools (stopping them, drawing them short distances in food sources they would otherwise be in anyway, positioning them for a shot, drawing attention away from the hunter and as effective scouting and buck inventorying tools), but I never count on either to bring bucks into areas they otherwise wouldn’t have been that day.

Those that claim they can pull a buck in from 2 ridges away, because of their mock scrape, or that there is some big advantage to getting bucks to scrape all over their properties know something I sure don’t or are blowing marketing hype.