MN DNR Deer Model Audit

Audit is on, Lets get to work.

The deer audit was selected by the charged sub committee you sex site and barring the unforseen will be approved on Friday. watch online sex clips 139 proposed audits have been trimmed to 6.

Now, the Office of the Legislative Auditor will select teams for each of the 6 or 7 audits. When the team tasked with the deer audit is determined, I will be meeting with them to help clarify the scope of the audit, and make any suggestions for consideration. Then the audit will begin.

The Audit is a Positive

Are the hunters of MN upset? You bet. Are they ready to take prisoners? Certainly. But the next steps are positive in nature. We will be forming a short list os issues and offering ideas for solutions to problems we face with the deer model and herd monitoring efforts. We will be giving the DNR a chance to suggest options that may add value. We will be flipping rocks to make sure the audit is productive and fruitful, and we be doing it together.

The audit is not a guilty verdict. The audit is our elected way of bisexaul singles acknowledging a perceived issue exists, and a standard means of investigation. Our chance to make sure the right rocks are turned is right now.

MN Deer Summit

Many of us have dedicated a lot of time and energy to the cause, and along the way have identified perceived model web cam chat software and herd monitoring shortcomings and potential solutions. friends station dating online for singles As a group we will be coming together to brainstorm a complete list for the OLA to consider as it determines the scope of the audit. An outside consultant will be hired to assess much of the model and its science driven data collection inputs. We need to have a list of those we feel qualified and why. We will discuss many of the grievances we have with the current system and potential solutions to the issue should problems be found. As a group we will bring this list forward to the OLA for consideration.