Membership Renewal Options

Your personal web page will remain active for one year.  Feel free to save a digital file of your plan or print a few copies as reference tools.


As with any plan, changes and tweaks may be needed along the way.  If you feel comfortable rolling forward without Steve’s help we most certainly respect that decision.  If you would like to renew for another year, the cost is $200 and includes a phone review of any challenges that need resolved as well as any new issues you may face.


Membership discounts on product remain available as long as your membership is current.


This web based service is still fairly new, and we depend upon word of mouth to help grow the business.  To drive this tool, we are offering free 1 year renewals for members submitting testimonials we use to promote the service.  Feel free to submit your testimonial with a few pictures (success photos, daylight trail camera pictures, etc) and we will let you know if it is something we will be sharing with potential new members.  Something as simple as posted below may get you an extra year free of charge.

3rd day of season, I killed the biggest buck on the place with my new plan.


High impact stand access was my biggest issue, and Steve’s plan solved my issues with several well placed blockades, and the elimination of 3 high impact stand locations. 3rd day of season, I killed the biggest buck on the place over a small water hole suggested by the new plan.  Thank you Steve-

Thank you for trusting us with the future of your hunting parcel.