Jay’s Habitat Plans

Jay’s habitat plans revolve around 3 easy questions.  Answer yes to all 3 and you don’t need our help.  Here we go-

Do you know where the deer you are hunting bed / sleep during the day?

This is VERY important! – When we don’t know where the deer are bedded, we end up walking through these areas and selecting stand locations in these areas where they can see, hear and smell us. These are likely areas that deer are bedding and should not be disturbed.

Make sure you keep a record of where you bump deer traveling to and from your stand locations during the daylight hours.  These are preferred bedding areas.

Do you know where the deer you are hunting feed at night?

Deer feed off and on all night long.  Successful morning access and evening exit plans keeps the human elements out of these areas.  Oak flats, and crop/hay fields are great examples of areas to avoid when traveling to and from stands in the dark of night.

Do you have a stand access / exit strategy that hides your sight, scent                        and sound from the deer when going to and from your stands?

When we know where our deer sleep and feed, we can set a plan that avoids detection as we travel to and from our stand locations.  We can also create stand access routes and pick trees to hunt from based upon the wind direction.

  • As DEER HUNTERS – We can choose to take all of this ONE STEP FURTHER. By discussing these 3 MAIN ISSUES with an EXPERT.  We can improve bedding areas, Plant strategic FOOD PLOTS, set up blockades, add social areas and small watering holes,  and increase our odds of success. Once done, we can set our stands in precise locations and let the wind dictate the best stand to hunt. How far you choose to take it is limited only by your fortitude. Jay’s NO RISK $599 Aerial Plan may be the tool you need to start seeing those big bucks that travel your property.

    Even the BEST deer property can go cold over time if the deer know we are hunting them. When we know and plan where they BED, FEED and TRAVEL, we can plan our access and exit strategies to avoid detection. The deer will come. We can help you develop that plan.  Email, call or text and find out if we can help optimize the way your land hunts.

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