Edge feathering


Edge feathering serves 3 purposes

Edge feathering for screening

edge feathering
edge feathering

Edge feathering can create a partial screen between the food plot and the woods. This helps further encourage bucks to enter to food plot to check for does and rival bucks. It also can help the hunter sneak in and out of stands on the food plot (walk through the plot and deer in the woods cant spot you as easily….walk inside the woods and deer in the plot can’t as easy….can also be paired with evergreens, switch grass or possibly miscanthus or any other tall ‘grass’. That can create a corridor for the hunter to slip through, screening them from the food plot and the woods.

Edge feathering for browse

Edge feathering can increase the level of browse surrounding the field.  Edge feathering means deer can now nibble at both the woods and food plot edges, giving them increased weeds, leafy growth and woody browse.

Edge feathering with hinge cuts

By alternating hinge cuts between waist and knee height when edge feathering, and dropping most trees perpendicular to the plot, one can block the entrances and exits to the plot  that aren’t in good locations for hunting (always play tree lean on larger trees). On half acre or smaller plots, leave opposite ends open. Larger plots must have at least 4 openings, to make deer feel safe/not trapped. Having them be larger (5 yards wide) and on each corner both helps.

Edge feathering is a great tool that we use for many different applications, and the proper use of edge feathering will up the odds of both holding, seeing and harvesting mature bucks on your property.