Was Your Deer Season a Success?

Success can be measured many ways, and no matter what you goals are, only you can gauge success.

Steve’s team has helped hundreds of landowners manipulate their parcels to make them fit their goals.

Minnesota Deer Habitat Consultant
Minnesota Deer Habitat Consultant

Common focus includes:

Seeing more deer

Holding more bucks

Increasing age of bucks on camera and seen on stand

Best stand sites for all 13 seasons of the hunt

Optimizing stand access to avoid detection

If you think your property plan could use a little help, the plans are risk free.  Fill out the questionnaire so our team knows your goals and where you are at right now, and we can get you headed in the right direction.

There are a lot of educated hunters that know how to plant plots, hinge bedding, and hunt the right winds, and if they have the plan to put all those things together they are enjoying their properties more.  If you need a little help, put us to task and start realizing your goals.