Deer Governor


The Governor of Minnesota has the power to structure state agencies like the DNR, so I reached out to all of the Democratic and Republican candidates for their ideas on how to fix a lack of accountability and transparency in DNR deer policy and management decisions.  Only Jeff Johnson has answered my query.

Read the document, and you will find he would be adding data metrics that will be used by local interests to manage the local herd.  Farmers, forestry, hunters etc all gather to discuss the data and chart direction.  Herd size and structure decided using real data (that we don’t currently collect).  Deer license revenue spent on projects that monitor, abate and evaluate.

It pulls the power away from political influence in St Paul, and gives it back to the local citizens.  Farm and forestry issues can be micro managed, and we can realize the value of whitetail deer while addressing the problems deer can cause.

The system he suggests uses the metrics to grade our deer team on its progress, and holds them accountable to publicly announced goals.

If you would like to donate to Jeff Johnson’s campaign, the state of MN will reimburse individuals up to $50 and couples can get $100 back.  It wont cost you a penny to reform deer management in Minnesota.  Its our only chance for real change.

This blog is my personal endorsement for Jeff Johnson.  He appears the only guy with deer on the radar.  When somebody else steps up – I will let you know.

Brooks Johnson