Booner Package

When you finally decide to go all in, we can help.  The Booner Package is not cheap, but neither are the land improvements to come.    When we start bringing the heavey machinery, you are going to be breaking out the checkbook (maybe) and the plan had better be right.  We can help you with potential timber revenue, and know which machines will be required to get the job done cost effectively.  Dozer or backhoe?    Clear cut or selective harvest?  We know which will work better in your situation.

We start by gathering detailed photos, topographic maps, and video of your property.  You will be mailed an HD camera to wear while you walk your property to get us a solid feel of the land to help us plan.  The process is in depth, and may require moving food plots to another part of the property.   Areas you love to hunt may become sanctuaries off limits to any human intrusion.  Travel corridors will be created for both the hunter and the hunted, with the ultimate goal of making your property attractive to the deer and hunter friendly at the same time.  You will come to realize that a lot of what you ‘know’ about hunting deer goes out the window when you manipulate the woods.  You are no longer at the mercy of the deer and how they travel with the wind.  You will dictate the travel patterns and capitalize on the new patterns you create.

With a plan in place, it is easy to custom fit your monthly articles and videos.   The food plotting process will be smoother than ever before, and any habitat updates will be done correctly and at the right times of the year.  If you need the work subcontracted, we can help insure you a billed a fair price, by a company of repute.  Any and all processes will be explained and shown in detail, and your property will become the hunting paradise you have always dreamed of.