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Glen Draden’s Central MN Property Plan

Deer Bedding …knowing the deer prefer the leeward side of this ridge lets us plan access without being detected.  Access …as we travel further into the property our odds of spooking deer go up.  Destination Food and Plot Locations …Where the feed at night helps determine food plot locations.  Food Plot Suggestions …150 lbs or […]

Stand Location Review

Take a screen shot of your property.  OnX, Google Earth or whatever other mapping platform you use. Include access trails, food plots/row crops, stand locations and property lines. Email us the screen shot. Our team will give you a 1 to 10 rough rating of how efficient your parcel plan hunts.  Curious?  Send us […]

2022 – Time for a Plan?

Attract, Hold, Hunt Email Address Remodel your Property for Better Hunting Trying to kill mature deer when you don’t know where they bed feed and socialize will burn out a parcel.  Understanding/Dictating where the deer bed, feed and socialize lets us hunt undetected. Bedding If you’re not bedding deer, the bucks have zero reason to […]

Attract, Hold, Hunt

3 Simple Principals for Improving Your Hunt Attract them with food. Hold them with bedding. Hunt them undetected. Sound simple? It really is. These 3 steps are universal across a whitetails range, and we can help you improve your hunt. Call us today to get started.    

12 x 18 Printed on Map Stock Paper

Finally an affordable high quality Map of your hunting land.  These 400 dpi maps are printed on map stock paper with a water resistant coating so they will last for years.  Perfect tool to help with your deer planning this fall. Click here to get your map for $19 delivered    

Trent Siegle

Midwest Land Group Sent a Gift! Trent Siegle has sent you this packet to help you move your hunting dreams forward.  Included is a complimentary hunting plan from Congratulations on your property purchase! Let’s Get Started The link below is an interactive map for your use. Click Here One last thing. If you need help […]

3 Reasons your Cameras see Deer that you don’t…

You don’t know where they bed. If you want to see deer during legal light, they can’t know you are hunting them.  If you don’t know where they bed, odds are higher they know you are there. You don’t know where they feed. When you bump feeding deer in the dark of night, they might […]