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Calendar based articles and videos to keep you on track

Every month we release time sensitive tips and projects to keep you on track.  From March hinge cuts that produce high quality bedding, to September fertilizing recommendations for your perennial plots.  The articles get you started, and the comprehensive videos make sure you complete the job correctly.  No more ‘Oops I wish I had known that 2 months ago’.  The full videos are only available through this basic membership package.

Property profile settings

What works in high deer density areas may not help if you live in a deer poor area, and agriculture rich Illinois will take a different plan than a Northern Minnesota big woods setting.

Deer density per square mile  ___

Land breakdown

% Agriculture  ___

% Mature timer  ___

% Swamp  ___

Total acreage  ___

Average age of timber  ___

Your property profile settings insure you get the tips you need to succeed.  You fill in the blanks, and you are one step closer to personalized advice.

Real world examples

We will also be sharing real world examples of properties where the techniques we teach have been used, and the problems they helped solve.  You may realize that some of these tactics will work well for your property as well.  For those of you that wish us to become a little more involved, we will recommend the Booner package.  Photos, maps and topos detailing current roads, bedding, food sources, stand locations, sanctuaries and entry and exit routes give us a glimpse into the property and it’s off to work we go.  Sometimes the answer is simple, and often it involves alot of rework, but your property will be transformed into a very huntable piece of ground.  If you need the extra help it’s there.