Bartyllas Print Schedule

As most of you know, I’m doing some experimenting to help settle me on a weekly line up of features. I’m thinking of one day possibly being flexible enough to include images of what out of the ordinary or interesting thing I may have seen in the deer woods, something I may think is worthy of sharing, that doesn’t fit neatly into the other features or whatever else pops to mind at the time.

Anyway, as I was crossing an article off my list yesterday, it dawned on me that some of you may want to know what’s coming up for articles in magazines this year. This won’t cover them all, but here’s the list for the big deer mags, anyway.

Deer & Deer Hunting
Catch a Poacher, March Issue
This is an interest piece on the guy that makes the robotic deer that the DNRs use to catch poachers, and I use as deer decoys 🙂

Creating Checkerboards, Summer Issue
All about dividing properties up into loose sections, offering deer all they need in each, as opposed to trying to concentrate them into one main food source, bedding area and so on, as a means of reducing social pressure/stress, while increasing the social carrying capacity.

Know Does to Kill Bucks, August Issue
This is a pretty deep piece covering an idea I’ve now tested/tried proving wrong for a bunch of years. If you get to know the doe/family groups on your ground, you can use their place in the dominance ladder to help determine which family group to key on during early and late breeding. It won’t change the world and not everyone can use the method, but can be a real difference maker in specific situations.

Grass is Always Greener, September Issue
This is as much a motivational piece as it is solutions based. In a nutshell, you can sit around and complain about how unfair life is or you can get off your butt and do something about it.

How Aggressively Should I Hunt This Buck, October Issue
I’ve found much better success in altering how aggressively I do or don’t hunt bucks, in specific situations. I do my best to explain that and how to decide which way to swing.

Patterning Bucks During the Rut, November Issue
Everyone says you can’t “pattern” bucks in the rut. Well, for one, the definition of “patterning” most use is a pile of bull feces, generally over exaggerated to the point of myth, not reality. If we return to earth in our real world definition, we sure can pattern bucks during the rut. I explain how I do it, but it’s nothing close to the extent many try to claim they “patterned” that buck on camera.

Flatline Effect, December 2017 issue
Daniel E. Schmidt actually got this idea from a tip I did here and asked for a piece on it. We’ve been led to believe that if we pass a buck he’ll make a good jump and be bigger next season. That may be true of most, but a very significant % don’t. they hit their genetic cap and essentially flatline from that point on, no matter how old they get, until age and injuries eventually cause them to start dropping inches. I try to explain and quantify that stuff. It’s not meant to push hunters to shoot or pass bucks. It merely states observations for readers to do what they please with.

Scents, Modern Hunter Issue
This is a news stand only issue they do once a year. In it, I cover how I personally use scents in as specific a means as my word count allowed.

Beginning the Journey, July issue
How to start off on the right foot, managing a piece of dirt.

Green Acres vs. Big Timber, August issue
It covers managing ground in farm country vs the big woods.

Hit the Ground Running, September issue
Just a collection of difference makers I’ve found for hunting from blinds.

The Bare Minimum, September issue
This one covers some management techniques that don’t kill the kids’ college funds.

Hunting and Managing Small Properties, October issue
It covers how to make small ground sing.

Going In Blind, October issue
Scouting and hunting new ground during season, without completely trashing the place.

The Bartylla Effect, November issue
Ken Piper (the editor and an all around great guy) changed the title on me. I was extremely flattered. It’s just not a title I’d have been comfortable offering. it’s all about what I’ve droned on here about. No one thing we do changes the world, but each bumps our % up a smidge. The more odds we can nudge in our favor the bigger of a deal it becomes. I haven’t written this one yet, but I see it as more of a philosophical piece. Well, as philosophical as one can get in hunting &/or managing.

Husqvarna Test, Winter issue
Buckmasters asked me to help them out with some testing of Husqvarna’s battery operated equipment and do a piece on what I find.

North American Whitetail
Hunting Public Ground (think this runs in their next issue)
As the name implies, it covers how I hunt public grounds, but it applies to pressured deer anywhere.

Food Plot Placement, Sept issue
Most don’t put anywhere near the thought into how one is going to get to, hunt and from their food plots undetected. That’s what this piece is all about.

Becoming a Ghost, Oct issue
It’s about getting to, hunting and from the stand undetected, just not revolving around plot placement, like the above piece.

Learning From History, Nov issue
Having history with a property and deer offers us great value, if we pay attention. I’ve yet to write it, but I’ll likely talk about how certain bedding spots almost always draw the dominant buck in the area, as it’s that good, using previous year’s pics to help age bucks and how some spots just seem to magically turn on each year about the same time.

Managing on a Budget, Dec-Jan issue
This is another I’ve yet to write, but the name pretty much says it all.