Topics from Steve




Hinge cutting


Soil Testing






Maintenance fertilizing


Spraying for food plot creation


Maintenance spraying of grain plots


Maintenance spraying for alfalfa and clovers


Mowing clovers and alfalfa


Salvaging food plots


Spring food plots


Spring burns


Timing grain plots


Broadcasting brassicas with beans


Fall/winter tillage


Tree plantings for cover


Fruit tree plantings


Native grass plantings


Tree felling for browse


Native forage fert


Mast tree fert


Deer Trail creations


Funnel creation


Pond creations


Clearing for food plots


Frost seeding


Deer census


Evaluating year round nutrition




Hanging stands


Loosening stands



Setting Goals

Lime a-z

What to plant

Creating holding plots

Food plot shapes and sizes

Screening an approach

How many deer do you want

Formulating a plan

Laying out a property/dictating movement


Removing does without harming buck hunting

Stand hunting formula


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