Hunting pressured bucks

Hunting pressured bucks

After finding Mr. Big on pressured grounds, I want to setup in that area he problems viewing web cams feels safe during daylight hours. There isn’t an exact formula for this and it seems to vary most on how big that area is. For example, in those small, overlooked spots, I’m always setup within shooting distance of his bed. I’m not going to be able to get in and out without him knowing I’m there anyway. So, my only chance is beating him in. If that’s the case, I may as well be exactly where he’s going first.

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Hunting pressured bucks

In those situations where I’m hunting the backside of some form of a barrier that other hunters won’t cross, the area he occupies during legal light is often significantly larger. Here’ I can often setup just far enough from his bed to be able to slip in and out undetected. When that’s the case, that’s what I strive for. In those cases, I pick my setup spots no differently than if hunting a low pressured deer. It may be a funnel, a heavily used scrape, an in woods food bozeman montana web cam source or just a trail leading to and/or from his bed. What I’m really focusing on most is getting close, but not too close to where I believe he’s bedding and finding what I see as the highest odds location within that zone, and that varies from situation to situation.

Next, I want to do nothing to draw any attention to myself. That means something as seemingly silly as using a pole saw as little as possible. Nope, I don’t believe he will be afraid of smelling sawdust, but it is likely that he will investigate what made the smell. Sure, I cut my odors like I was hunting just to set the stand, but what happens when I breath on that leaf or a drop of sweat falls while cutting? Pruning gives off less odors. First, is dating a white girl I try to trim as little as possible, relying on shooting windows instead of lanes (I create lanes when hunting moderate to light pressured bucks). Next, unless absolutely forced, I prune the few branches I have to, instead of cutting, and take any I touch out with me.


Hunting pressured bucks

Along those lines, I never blind call or rattle when hunting pressured bucks. If he is mature and truly pressured, he’s heard both many times before. If he was inclined to come in web cam kinston ontario to either, he died long ago. The ONLY time I’ll ever try is when I spot him outside of range and he shows no intent of approaching closer. Even then, I let him walk far more than try calling him over. Frankly, I’ve never had it work to the point of arrowing a pressured buck I’ve called over, where as that has been extremely effective for me on light-non-pressured bucks, just outside of weapon’s range.

In short, I strive to be the invisible man, doing absolutely nothing to attempt to

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draw any attention to myself at all when Hunting pressured bucks.

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