Doe and buck bedding

Doe and buck bedding

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Interesting read thus far.

In attempting to create everything a buck needs, what has been your experience with an alpha doe moving in when a hole is “created”? I’ve seen some pretty agressive alpha does lay down the law and take up rap artist dating residency in areas once occupied by a mature buck. The lack of a mature buck backfilling it makes me believe that the alpha doe can plug the hole so to speak. I imagine such ground would make for decent if not prime fawning ground. I also think this would be more of a player in high dpsm areas.

I’ve found the opposite to be true. Outside of during the rut, the does pretty much go where they want, without worrying about bucks. That changes once chasing starts. At that point, the young, inexperienced bucks can get does to at least temporarily abandon bedding areas, by chasing them out over and over again. The not ready yet and already bred does can get sick of being harassed and go into hiding.

Outside of the chasing and breeding phases of season, it appears it’s the mature bucks that don’t want to bed around the does. I can point to a bunch of exceptions, where a mature buck bedded fairly close to the does, but that’s most often caribou web cam through habitat manipulation. I’ve had generally good luck getting bucks and does to bed close to each other, assuming the does don’t walk through where he is bedded, but I’m getting off phone dating service in rockford il on a tangent golden showers sex sites now.

I’ve come to believe that when does really setup camp on a property and claim what the mature bucks see as prime bedding areas, the mature bucks shift to areas of their home range that do offer them what they want in bedding. I believe that is 1 of the reasons that some bucks summer in different areas and start returning to a fall range in October (in the Midwest and points north). They want to claim those does for free online amatuer sex nude breeding, but the does are literally driving them out during the fawn rearing stage.

An adult doe can and often will literally drive bucks away from her fawn rearing area. I don’t believe it matters whether the buck is dominant or not. For whatever reason, the nastiest buck seems to back down from a doe during spring & summer. I wonder if that doesn’t have something to do with his developing antlers being sensitive and her willingness to get on her hind legs and start flailing away, but that’s pure conjecture on my part.

Doe and buck bedding

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