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What Will My Plan Look Like?

Some are wondering what their finished plan would look like.  How much detail goes into what?  Attached is an actual plan for a 68 acre piece in central Minnesota.  It should give you decent idea of what Steve puts into a finished plan. B Johnson, Central MN Property Plan  

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Steve's new book is a wealth of experience.

Steve’s New Book is Now in Stock

Steve Bartylla’s latest release is finally shipping.  Those of you who purchased plans likely received an e version earlier this year, but the hard copy is now available. The book is packed with pictures and information related to manipulating your landscape for attraction and hunting access.  Get your copy today and implement a plan on […]

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Satisfaction Gauranteed

Had my talk with Steve yesterday morning. In short, it was a fantastic and informative experience. I told Steve I’d be happy to write a review if you guys wanted to use it. So here goes… I was able to find out what we were doing right, what we were doing wrong, and most importantly, […]

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3rd day of season, I killed the biggest buck on the place with my new plan.

Membership Renewal Options

Your personal web page will remain active for one year.  Feel free to save a digital file of your plan or print a few copies as reference tools.   As with any plan, changes and tweaks may be needed along the way.  If you feel comfortable rolling forward without Steve’s help we most certainly respect that […]

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Food, Cover, Water = NO Deer?

If you have food cover and water, your property has everything needed to hold deer year round. …until you step onto the piece and the deer know you are hunting.  Mature deer won’t tolerate human intrusion.  When you hear them blow or see them flag, you have tipped your hand.  Stop tipping your hand.   […]

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Whitetail food plot

Steve Bartylla on Buying Ground

3 Things to Know When Buying or Leasing Hunting Ground by Steve Bartylla   |  September 2nd, 2015 0 Comments I had an opportunity, and I took it. A friend was going to lease some ground near my home. Without a private piece to hunt myself, I offered to go in with him. Before I knew it, a turn of events resulted […]

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Steve Bartylla Hinge Cuts Maintenance

Steve Bartylla Hinge Cuts Hinge cut maintenance In one way or another, annually is generally the case. Assuming one makes all the “sidewalks” and doe bedding areas in late winter, the easy walking portion of the “sidewalk” often starts growing in with weeds, briars and saplings during the summer. Late summer is a good time […]

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Steve's new book is a wealth of experience.

Steve Bartylla’s new Book

Steve has spent over 25 years manipulating properties with a focus on deer hunting.   His new book covers many of the common and not so common tools and tactics he uses to shape a property.  Its a must read for any deer habitat enthusiast.   The new book is free with any aerial photo […]

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Parts is Parts

You have to know where the parts go to make a functioning machine, and habitat manipulation is no different. Scattering improvements across a 40 acre parcel with no big picture rhyme or reason will bring the deer, but the random movements tip your hand way to fast and the parcel burns out early. Below are some of […]

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Killing mature bucks on food plots for deer

Is it time to hire a property consultant?

In hindsight, 96% of our hunters would rather skip a year of plotting than be without their plan, but what do you get for $500?     Professional parcel plan on your own custom web page detailing the steps for implementation.           38% of our clients report killing their largest buck […]

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